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True Blue Charger Mx

Charge and maintain lithium-ion and lead-acid aircraft batteries with the intelligent and compact TT28-2 True Blue Charger Mx. The intelligent True Blue Charger Mx extends battery life and provides simple, safe and automatic charging for lithium-ion and sealed lead-acid aircraft batteries. View all Battery Tester Chargers Buy Now
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  • Charges and maintains sealed lead-acid and all True Blue Power lithium-ion aircraft batteries:
    TB17* (17 amp-hour) TB40 (40 amp-hour)
    TB20 (20 amp-hour) TB44 (46 amp-hour)
    TB30 (30 amp-hour) TB60 (60 amp-hour)
  • Power Output: 2.5 amps charge current limit
  • Alphanumeric LCD display provides battery voltage and indications
  • Charge, Ready and Fault LED indicators
  • Continuously monitors and charges to maintain a quick-ready state
  • One-year limited warranty
* Quick disconnect required


Model Number TT28-2
Part Number 282-101
Input Voltage 90 – 264 VAC, ±10%
47 – 63 Hz
1A (maximum)
Input Connector IEC60320-C13
Battery Charge Voltage Lithium-ion 28.8V (maximum)
Lead-acid 28.6V (maximum)
Operating Temperature -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
Storage Temperature -28°C to +70°C (-18°F to +158°F)
Timing Accuracy ±5% of nominal time
Display Accuracy ±0.2 volts
Weight 2 lbs (0.9 kg)
Dimensions 4.33” W x 5.9” H x 3.8” D
Battery Connector MS-3509 compatible
Protection and Monitoring Overcharge and over-temperature protection

Internal timer automatically monitors open-circuit voltage to determine top charge


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