• Direct replacement for existing GE Aviation Systems 717220-1, 717220-2, 717220-2R and Avionics Instruments 1-002-0102-2444 and 1-002-0102-2052 frequency converters
  • The lightest frequency converter in its power class
    30% lighter than competing units — 19.8 lbs
  • The quietest frequency converter in its power class
    Independent temperature and speed-controlled fans significantly reduce noise
  • Delivers 4,000 watts of output power
    Supports electronics and appliances, including laptops, computer systems, TVs, vacuums, coffee makers, galley equipment and in-flight entertainment systems
  • Provides increased reliability
    Silicon carbide technology, custom magnetics and plenum cooling increase efficiency and protect internal components from moisture and contaminants commonly found outside the pressure vessel and in non-temperature-controlled locations
AC-to-AC Frequency Converter
4,000 Watts, 115 VAC

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